Monastery Workshop of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary

Your Gold and Silversmiths’ Workshop for Production and Metal Restoration

Our monastery workshop of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary has been existing for over 60 years. In our workshop near Koblenz we design and produce liturgical devices and church furniture.

When restoring a chalice, a monstrance or a ciborium we are at all times aware that we are dealing with objects that have been in use in liturgy or everyday life for centuries and therefore must be treated as a part of the Church’s and Cultural History.

Traditional or modern, when one desires to obtain a chalice, e.g. for First Mass, a delicate handling of the silversmith is of high importance, be it about the design or the production itself.

Also the design and restoration of jewelry and silverware is another part of our work to which we pay special attention.

Among our customers there are parishes, museums, noble houses and of course private persons.

This is an overview of our services:

  • production, redesign, adjustment and restoration of jewelry
  • enamel
  • producing duplicates
  • design and production of models and examples
  • production and restoration of silverware, including cutlery, cups, chandeliers, boxes, bowls, trays, coffee pots, teapots and more
  • professional production or restoration of mantelpiece clocks, fittings or sculptures
  • production and restoration of liturgical utensil such as chalices, monstrances or tabernacles
  • documentation
  • assessment
  • restoration concepts including costs estimate
  • fire gilding
  • galvanic gold and silver plating

Professionalism starts with a sound counseling of our customers.

Furthermore, we also rely on qualified and reliable staff and our up-to-date equipped workshop.

Here, aside from liturgical and everyday objects, you can find a wide variety of jewelry.
We craft your wedding rings and design special jewelry for the gentleman, be it a signet ring, a stickpin or a cash note clip.

You can also get your personal monogram or coat of arms engraved into your jewelry.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Your Gold- and Silversmiths’ workshop of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary

Michael van Ooyen, workshop manager
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