The workshop of the Brothers of Mary is closely connected to the Schoenstatt Movement and was founded in a Catholic context.

The cornerstones of our work are the requirements to function economically profitable as a company on one hand and our mission as a monastery workshop that works for God and the Church on the other.

It is especially important to us to teach the art of the craft and by this offer young people a foundation for their income.

With all of this in mind, we design as well as produce liturgical devices and furniture in our workshop and also the production and restoration of jewelry and silverware are part of our work.

When restoring things, we are always aware that we are dealing with objects that may have been used for centuries and are therefore to be treated as a part of cultural history. That is why preserving the material and authenticity (which, in our case, also means usability) is essential.

Personal responsibility is a cornerstone of Religion which can only be applied when the individual as such can live it. Each coworker has the chance and the duty to act responsibly in their area of expertise and receive further education. This is encouraged by the company.