Jewelry is a very unique way of expression that emphasizes personality. It tells a lot about
the person wearing it and in a figurative sense it stands for beauty – power – love – honor – affection – religion and much more.
The formal possibilities of jewelry design are virtually endless.

But the idea and design are not everything. Jewelry must be able to be worn comfortable and adapt to the body. This is an exciting task for the goldsmith, a ladies necklace or a gentleman`s signet ring.

Choose something from the extensive range of our business or evolve together with us exactly the piece of jewelry that suits your ideas and wishes.

We apply extraordinary jewels to rings, pendants and ear jewelry, from aquamarine to ruby, emerald, topaz and zircon. But also diamond and pearl jewelry worked in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or rosé gold as well as platinum and fine silver we produce for you.

Professional advice and craftsmanship that sets few limits are part of our self-understanding.