Restore does not mean repairing for us. „Old equipment“is not only dirty or broken, it is also churches- and cultural history. Restoration goes far beyond the repair.

On the one hand liturgical device needs to be usable in the liturgy, on the other hand the old substance remain largely intact or be saved.

This is a challenging task, especially from the technical perspective.
We are open to the modern techniques, but have also found that old, traditional techniques are often better and more effective. An example is the fire gilding.

But the restoration of metal is also subjected to philosophical questions: What is the original? What are historic surfaces? How did the object originally look like? Which look shall be generated by the restoration? These are questions that must be answered always new, and depend not only on craft or scientific criteria.

In order to fulfill this obligation, we as a master workshop, operating with staff who possess the qualification “restorer craft,” also participate in international projects that capture the technical capabilities and experience in metal restoration in gold and silver metalwork, investigate, document, and evaluate them.

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