Work and education

Based on our philosophy that the craft is more than just work, we continuously teach young people in Vallendar (near Koblenz) to become Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. The manager responsible for education is the master of Gold- and Silversmithing Michael van Ooyen.

A thorough training does not only improve the skills at the craft but also builds character. Both manual and cognitive abilities are being trained.

We are supporting a regular attendance at the European Academy of Jewelers, Gold- and Silversmiths and other workshops.

In a job with as many aspects as this education does not end with the bachelor exams. The actual “getting fit” happens during the first three to five years as a bachelor. That is why we like to hire young bachelors to give them the chance for practice and further learning as well as working towards the master exam. If the economical situation allows it, we also hire traveling bachelors to work here. All of this keeps bringing new ideas and ways into the workshop.